Board Preps Program I - 9th Grade

We believe transition from the 8th to the 9th is the most crucial period for a student. It is an exciting year of transitions and transformations – one that marks a turning point both academically and socially, for here is where the choice of career streams ahead is initiated. You need to focus on your strengths and perfect them. We therefore focus on enabling students to :

  • Approach and talk with the mentors and teachers for better understanding
  • Work on the areas that challenge you the most and get comfortable
  • Explore the subject for building strong concepts
  • Come up with innovative methods to solve problems to demonstrate creativity
  • Learn methods and tools for career success

Our Academic Focus : English, Hindi (Inclusive of Grammar) Math, Science, Social Studies catering to the syllabus of Maharashtra, CBSE, ICSE

Course Duration : Weekly 3 sessions of 2 Hour duration spread across a year

Batch Size : Small batch size not more than 12 students

Strong Basics Super 20 Group

Strong Basics Super 20 Group is a group of 20 selective students of class 9.  Motive of this group is to provide all 20 students a very comprehensive 4 years study program with a definite focus to ensure admission into IIT’s.

With a good response and support from the parents and students, we hope that results of this Super 20 group will be 100% and will match the performance of the famous Super 30.
Benefits of joining Super 20:
1.    All students will clear their board exams with very high percentage of marks.
2.    All students will ensure a seat in IIT’s.

Admission strictly by an entrance test and interview only.
Eligibility: Class 9th Students from all Boards (CBSE, ICSE, State Board)
(Admission Process will start in Dec 2021)

Things that we recommend a 9th Grade student to do

Focus on Career Opportunities:

Meet people, attend seminars, discuss with friends family on the career options

Identify your strengths :

Identify what are your  interests and strengths are. Knowing your likes, dislikes is important from a career perspective. Know what courses challenge you, find experts in the area to discuss. Speak to mentors and teachers.

Develop Healthy Study Habits :

Build strong concepts , and build relevant skills to be able to grasp the concepts and also remember them from an examination perspective