About Us

We are committed to make you realize your goals

Our Belief

Strong Basics is an effort towards quality teaching in India. At Strong Basics, we strongly believe that:

  • Every individual has an aspiration to be the best that he/she can be
  • Teaching is about creating an awakening within the minds of our  learners
  • Teachers play a crucial role in facilitating the learning journey and shaping students abilities
  • Teaching methods and approach play an important role for the learner and can create a liking or a dislike to a subject

Our Aim

Our aim is to meet the learner where they are and then enable

their journey to the destination they desire to achieve.

Our Approach

At Strong Basics we are committed to maintain highest quality teaching with the flexibility to choose!  We enable students to build a sound knowledge of fundamental concepts which helps them to build a deep understanding of the subject .We ignite the curiosity to learn and explore. 

Overall our methodology and approach enables the student to:

  • Building conceptual clarity
  • Inspiring students to explore concepts
  • Building professionals who question and seek answers
  • Building skills to solve most challenging problems

In a nutshell we promote self-learning, confidence building, critical thinking and stress-free learning with results!


Founder & Director

Dr. V. Gautam

PhD Mathematics

Formerly associated with IIT Bombay and IMSc Chennai (into Research and Teaching - B.Tech,  M.Sc Students). Currently he is a R&D Consultant working on projects related with  Automated and High Frequency Trading Algorithms, and Quantitative Modelling. Being passionate about education, he wants to contribute to enhancing teaching standards  in India. Strong Basics is a step in this direction.



Academic Advisor

Dr. Sitaram Dixit

PhD, M. Sc.(Analytical Chemistry), PGD Operations Research Management, Honorary Diploma: Aromatherapy Foundation's Scientific College, France.

Senior Professor, Board Member for many Institutes in India, including the Institute of Chemical Technology, Mumbai. A consultant for Chemical Industry in India and abroad.

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