CBSE and ISC 11th and 12th Grade

Engineering Ready Program is meant for the students of XI and XII grades who aspire to take up a career path in the field of technology. College is the most valuable investment you can make in your future. It is all about defying expectations, breaking the mold, stepping out of your comfort zone and finding yourself.

Eligibility: Students who are currently in X Grade (For Advanced Registrations) OR who have cleared the X Grade, Boards: CBSE, MH-Boards, ICSE

Our Academic Focus: XI Syllabus as per the College/Board format
XII Syllabus as per the boards +
IIT JEE Mains/ Advanced/ Mains + Advanced/ Mains + Advanced (Only Mathematics) Preparation and thorough Practice
Subjects: Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics

Course Duration: 8 hours a week
Batch I- 4 days a week
Batch II- 2 days (Only on weekends)
Over 24-26 months (Depending upon the program selected)

Batch Size: Small numbers to ensure better individual attention

We therefore focus on encouraging you to:

  • Refresh basic concepts
  • Learn quick problem solving techniques
  • Get an exposure to a variety of resources and study material
  • Prepare a well calculated study plan to produce best results
  • Approach and talk with the mentors, teachers and fellow student-leaders for inspiration

Things that we recommend for Board Preps

Know the Exam
Understand the exam structure well; the eligibility criteria, duration, subjects that you need to prepare, number of questions asked, etc.

Plan well
Manage your time and plan your studies. Calculate your investment of time for the different topics according to your level of understanding of the subject. You could plan more amount of time for the difficult and high-scoring topics.

Mock Tests
Practicing mock tests helps you understand your areas of strengths and weakness in the different topics. Also, it helps to know if you can manage to complete the test well in time without being in pressure.

Papers from past exams
Use question papers from the past exams to get a feel of the type of questions asked. You can then keep practicing them for building more confidence.

Effectively manage your personal distractions
As you study, it is very important to have complete focus in order to get the best out of your efforts. Adapt a disciplined approach to manage all personal distractions like TV, phone, video games and other forms of digital entertainment.