Math Pro Graduate

Math Pro is an initiative of Strong Basics focusing on strengthening the basics of Mathematics and building better conceptual understanding in the subject.

Eligibility: Students studying B.Sc | M.Sc | B.A | B.Com | B.E | B.Tech | M.Tech courses of all the semesters

Course Coverage: Mathematics as per the College/ Mumbai University Syllabus

Courses under Math-Pro:
1. B.Sc (Mathematics) – FY | SY | TY
2. B.Sc (Statistics) – FY | SY | TY
3. B.Sc IT (Mathematics)
4. BCA (Mathematics)
5. B.A (Mathematics) – FY | SY | TY
6. B.A (Statistics) – FY | SY | TY
7. M.Sc (Mathematics)
8. B.Tech (Mathematics | Mechanical | Thermodynamics | Fluid Mechanics)
9. IIT JAM (Mathematics and Statistics)   (Note: Admission process has been started for  JAM Mathematics 2019 batch. Only limited seat are available.)

Course Duration: 3 days a week
Batch I- 3 days a week
Batch II- 2 days (Only on weekends)
Batch III- Crash Course of 10 days of 5 hours per day

Batch Size: Small numbers to ensure better individual attention

We follow the books prescribed in the University Syllabus and give class notes based on these prescribed books and Syllabus. We cover all exercises and last 4-10 years university question papers. This enables the students to prepare well for the examinations.

During the exam preparation period, we guide our students (according to their knowledge and level of preparations) the best way to select appropriate portions of the syllabus to achieve a complete success.

Mathematics is a part of your academic career choice, an integral subject of the curriculum. As a subject it is highly intriguing and equally complex to handle. It becomes a subject of disinterest over a period of time, when understanding concepts becomes a challenge. According to the research, in the past few years it has been observed that a large number of students score low marks and get ATKT’s in their semester exams. These poor results are due to the prevailing standards of coaching and teaching environment. Students struggle with the fundamental concepts which further makes their understanding difficult for the subject.

The unique methodology followed at Strong Basics is of huge benefit to the students in terms of learning and understanding the concepts. Our highly qualified mentors are dedicated to students’ overall progress. We make students practice the best study habits under individual expert guidance. Proper understanding of the concepts further develops keen interest in the students for Mathematics as a subject. This eventually saves them a lot of time and helps them remain stress-free. They eventually become confident over a period of time with minimum of time investment.

Motive of this program is to help students on following aspects:

  • Revise all basic and fundamental concepts related to the topics mentioned in the syllabus
  • Learn through comprehensive class notes that focuses on every important topic and minute details
  • Build a solid confidence and belief to solve problems independently thorough practice through previous year question papers

The weekly scheduled test series, personalized coaching solutions, practice sessions, timely revision and a learning-based approach together helps the student to shine in terms of knowledge.