Our Team

Basics was founded in 2014 by Dr. Gautam (Ex-IIT, IMSc) with an objective to bring quality teaching focused on enabling students to become the best they can be. We care about quality and disciplined experimentation. We're a team of thinkers, explorers, makers and creators. We're serious about delivering great outcome. Our strength is expert and experienced faculty focused on result oriented teaching and strengthening concepts. They're well versed with the academic curriculum, IIT JEE pattern requirements and about the challenges that students face. Our team is a team committed to excellence and quality education.

The strength of Strong Basics is our Vision of building young bright minds to be the best they can be. It is with this vision , that we meticulously choose our faculty - who share a common belief, have a strong knowledge base, are passionate about the subject, passionate about enabling success for our student and maintain the best standards in teaching. They are well versed with the relevant curriculum and tuned in with the requirements of the competitive examinations be it the IIT-JEE or IIT JAM or any other. Our team of faculty is our strength. They are strong cultivator profiles who are devoted to enabling success for our students.