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IIT JAM 2020

  • JAM 2020 Examination will be conducted ONLINE only as a Computer Based Test (CBT) for all Test Papers.
  • All the seven Test Papers of JAM 2020 will be of fully objective type, with three different patterns of questions as follows:
    1. Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) : Each MCQ type question has four choices out of which only one choice is the correct answer.
    2. Multiple Select Questions (MSQ): Each MSQ type question is similar to MCQ but with a difference that there may be one or more than one choice(s) that are correct out of the four given choices.
    3. Numerical Answer Type (NAT) Questions: For each NAT type question, the answer is a signed real number which needs to be entered using the virtual keypad on the monitor. A virtual calculator will also be available on the computer monitor. No choices will be shown for these type of questions.
  • All candidates have to apply only ONLINE.

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