Why Strong Basics

“When it comes to success, there are No Shortcuts”  ~Bo Bennett

What makes us what we are?

Students who love to explore Mathematics and Science, its advancement, understand patterns, structures and would like to leverage on building conceptual understanding of the subject. Strong Basics aims at reaching out to take them forward on their journey!

A course from Strong Basics paves the way for a bright future. Most of the students at our centre realize the beauty of Mathematics and Science for the first time. They are amazed to know the practicality of the concepts they are dealing with. This develops the urge in students to seek deeper understanding. Alongside our highly talented and qualified faculty, students discover new knowledge and seek the answers to some of the most challenging questions in their curriculum. Strong Basics provides the perfect environment for a child to flourish.

STRONG  BASICS : For the Students who are curious about Math and Science

Students who love to explore Mathematics and Science, its advancement, understand patterns, structures and would like to leverage on building conceptual understanding of the subject.

Strong Basics aims at making their fundamental concepts stronger and preparing them for the real world challenges.

STRONG  BASICS : For the Students having study related stress and loss of interest

Students, who have problems with Mathematics and Science, are generally weak in the conceptual understanding of the subject. This is generally because of the academic pressures.

Over a period of time this builds stress for students and loss of interest in the subject. In the long run these students tend to avoid courses containing Math as a component and further mar the scope for their careers. This Math/Science Phobia also impacts the parents who become anxious of their child’s future

Our focus is to build concept clarity for the student, build confidence. Our methodology and format permits us to focus on this front and bring students out of these misconceptions and make them stress-free.

STRONG BASICS: For students who lack confidence to ask questions

Many students feel too scared to ask a question in front of large number of students (most institutions cater to large groups) in a class because they do not want to look foolish in front of other students. By the time they understand the topic, the teacher moves on to the next section of the topic, as a result the students are lost. To build confidence in such students they need one-on-one contact with the teacher. At Strong Basics we provide such a platform to the students. Our approach is small group size to ensure that students are able to reach  out to the faculty are able to interact on a one-on-one basis. This clubbed with our methodology to inspire curious questioning  enables the student to  gain confidence.

What we value at Strong Basics to make a difference in Student's life?

Here are our key differentiates...

“Do not worry about your difficulties in Mathematics. I can assure you mine are still greater.” ~Albert Einstein

Teaching at Strong Basics

1. We showcase what is going on behind the scene and the role fundamental concepts are playing.

2.  At strong Basics students learn how to approach problems by learning why Math Science works.

3. By focusing on students’ perceptions, Strong Basics identifies and resolves the uncertainty that so often undermine conceptual learning and critical thinking.

4. We encourage students to believe in themselves and direct them to the best possible ways to find their solutions on their own. This makes them independent and confident for learning things on their own. When it comes to knowledge, we believe in depth over speed.

5. We believe in providing a suitable classroom environment to the students where they are encouraged to ask questions. This helps us to see their level of understanding.

Common Teaching Approach

1. Problem solving methods, shortcuts, tricks, and quick ways to solve the problems especially in Mathematics and Science.

2. Do not allow students to see the Math Science actually taking place limiting their ability to think.

3. Large batch sizes make it tedious on the teacher’s part to handle and attend to each of the student’s issues.

4. Getting things done is more important for them  rather than student understanding the subject. These leave students clueless of their level of understanding and learning.

5.  Due to strict classroom environment students are afraid of asking questions. This hampers their growth when it comes to new learning.

We are committed to provide regular feedback to the parents about the students progress through Phone calls, In Person informal meets at our centre,  email, Text Messaging. We urge parents to establish the channel of communication with us and enable success for themselves and us.